Thai Flavors

Recipes and Suggestions on Using Thai Ingredients

With Thai food continuing to grow in popularity, everyone with questions about how to bring Thai flavors into their homes now can find answers on our website. The Thai Trade Center has posted fact sheets for consumers and the news media.

The fact sheets include suggestions on where to buy Thai ingredients, popular ways to prepare Thai food, how to eat Thai food, and how to incorporate such common Thai ingredients as fish sauce, chili sauce, coconut milk, tamarind paste and juice, curry pastes, and various herbs and spices, such as turmeric, kaffir lime, chilies, galangal, into everyday cooking.

Other fact sheets also include information on the five fundamental flavors of Thai cuisine – spicy, tangy or sour, sweet, salty, and pungent – and the healthy and nutritious components of Thai food, including such tropical fruits as guava, papaya, tamarind, mangosteen, and mango.

One fact sheet, which features recipes, covers shrimp from Thailand, the United States’ top shrimp supplier, offering a year-round supply of consistently safe, superior and reliably fresh shrimp.

The importance of rice to Thai culture and to Thai meals is covered in another fact sheet that offers recipes for Hom Mali, Thai jasmine rice and rice noodles.

The Thai Trade Center, Los Angeles, also can answer questions on Thai cuisine, ingredients, and Thai chefs. For more information, email or call 323-486-9645.

The U.S. Thai Trade Centers implement policies and activities of the Thai Department of Export Promotion, with special focus on fostering trade relations between Thai exporters and potential importers. TTCs also analyze relevant information and give reports on emerging trends and developments. For more information, contact Thai Trade Center in your area.