About DITP, OCA and Thai Trade Centers

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) was established under the Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government, to assist in building the competitiveness of Thai manufacturers and exporters to fulfill their potentials. The organization has officially changed its logo and name from the Department of Export Promotion (DEP) to the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) on January 4, 2012. With more challenges and opportunities within the new world economy, the DITP aims to provide fast, reliable and efficient services.

Overseas Thai Trade Centers (TTC), under the supervision of the DITP, are located in major cities around the world to implement policies and activities, with special focus on fostering trade relations between Thai exporters and potential importers. In addition, the offices also analyze relevant information and give reports on emerging trends and developments.

TTC works closely with the Office of Commercial Affairs (OCA) in Washington D.C. seeking greater market access as a means of increasing business opportunities and trade within the area of responsibilities. As the overseas representative office for the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand, OCA is primarily responsible for trade matters including policies and promotion at both the multilateral and bilateral levels with an aim of fostering trade between North America and Thailand.

Our four TTC in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and the OCA in Washington D.C. are not only the marketing arms for Thai manufacturers and exporters but also more than ready to provide information, services and certification of certain necessary trade documents (Washington D.C. only) helping you achieve your business goals.


To be one of Asia’s leading trade promotion organizations.


• To expand markets for Thai products and services.
• To promote value creation of Thai products and services.
• Increase the competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs.


Promote exports of products and services with a pro-active approach.


• Develop and promote environmentally-friendly products and services as well as support value creation of export products and services.
• Develop new trade channels as well as establish networks with trade partners to complement business operations.
• Increase the competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs in the international trade arena, especially SMEs and OTOP.
• Promote production cost reductions as well as build and expand trade logistics networks.
• Maintain market share in existing markets and increase in new markets as well as encourage the utilization of benefits from FTAs and AEC.
• Publicize the image of Thailand as a high-quality product producer.
• Continuously develop organization’s personnel and trade information system.
• Promote and increase the competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs in manufacturing products that meet the international standards as well as expanding production base overseas.

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