Prime Minister’s Export Award 2011 Winners: "OTOP EXPORT RECOGNITION" Category

  • Thai Trade Center, Los Angeles
  • The Department of Export Promotion (DEP)
  • October 4, 2011

As for the Prime Minister’s Export Award for 2011, a total of 31 companies were awarded, by 32 awards and 5 categories of awards.

The 2011 Prime Minister’s Export Award winners in the category “OTOP EXPORT RECOGNITION” are;


Flower Food innovated and developed its first shelling machine; its first product, salted sunflower kernels, was the precursor of a range of nutritious snacks.

This 2004 winner of the Prime Minister’s Export Award in the OTOP Export Recognition category was founded by Mr. Pradit Piramarn, an agricultural academic. Determined to provide customers with hygienically-processed, nutritious natural products, Mr. Pradit started the business by planting imported sunflower kernels as an experiment.

By 1990, Flower Food had innovated and developed its first shelling machine. Its first product was salted sunflower kernels.

Flower Food launched its salted sunflower kernels at the “Kaset Fair” and attracted wide interest because of the product’s nutritional value.

Since then, Flower Food has continued to develop its range to include honey-roasted sunflower kernels, sunflower food bars, sunflower cookies, roasted peanuts, sesame bars with honey, roasted pumpkin seeds, as well as organic foods such as Khao Pochana (Nutritious Rice).

Flower Food Ltd., Part.
91/38 Soi 10 Ramintra Rd., Bangkhen, Bangkok 10220 Thailand
Tel: 66 2971 9520-2
Fax: 66 2971 8837



Only the best fruits from the Tha-Pee River region are used to produce cold-pressed and virgin coconut oils, which contain less cholesterol than other vegetable oils.

Realizing the many benefits of coconuts, Tropicana Oil Co., Ltd. has blended modern technology with conventional Thai wisdom to preserve the natural properties of coconut oil. The company selects only the best from the Tha-Pee River region and employs chemical- free technology in its cold-press extraction method.

It has been scientifically proven that cold- pressed coconut oil and virgin coconut oil retain all their natural properties such as flavor, color, the high content of lauric acid, minerals and nutrients, tocopherol and vitamin E, while containing less cholesterol than other vegetable oils.

The company’s philosophy is to conserve the Tha-Pee River’s coconut-producing area, while applying advanced manufacturing technology to ensure that it manufactures healthy virgin coconut oil products. To that end, Tropicana has adopted a slogan that says it is committed to continuously developing the highest-quality products from the Tha-Pee basin coconuts.

Tropicana Oil Co., Ltd.
35/9 Moo. 4 Khunkeaw, Nakhonchaisri, Nakhon Pathom 73120 Thailand

Tel: 66 3432 6833-6
Fax: 66 3432 6837
E-mail :,


Emphasizing creativity and modern designs, this company uses mango tree wood to produce a vast range of attractive items under the “Gungwan” brand.

Following a shortage of raw materials from neighboring countries, Mr. Udom Phatcharaphanawee, Managing Director of Creation World Wild Wood Co., Ltd., who has decades of experience in the wood-processing industry, decided to start his own factory in Nakhon Nayok Province where mango trees grew in abundance.

Known for its high elasticity, easy cultivation, durability and unique quality, mango tree wood has become the main material for Creation World Wild Wood’s “Gungwan” brand, which features an extensive range of products, such as vases, candle holders, lamps, boxes, photo frames, bowls, trays and many more.

With its emphasis on creativity and modern designs, this 2005 OTOP Export Recognition winner has proved beyond a doubt that its products always stand out and easily attract both domestic and international customers.

Creation World Wild Wood Co., Ltd.
104 Moo 2, Bangplakot-Ongkharak, Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok,
Nakhon Nayok 26120 Thailand

Tel: 66 3739 1706 -7 Fax: 66 3739 1708


( Brand : “TAI-TAI” / Product : PROCESSED BANANAS )

This manufacturer of innovative and healthy banana products, under the “TAI-TAI” brand,
has worked hard to ensure that every product is 100% natural and healthy.

Having the honor of being Phitsanulok’s OTOP Product Champion, Siriwanich (S&W) is known for its specialty products, which are hygienically-produced processed bananas.

Siriwanich produces a wide selection of quality and tasty banana items under the “TAI-TAI” brand. They include Solar Dried Banana, Pickled Banana in Banana Syrup, Banana Chips, Curled Dried Banana, Solar Dried Banana Fondue and many others.

It recently introduced its “Banana Syrup”, which is an innovative and healthy product that can be used both in baking and as a beverage sweetener.

Determined to be an environmentally-friendly operation, the company’s production area and production process have been designed to meet GMP, HACCP standards, thus ensuring that every TAI-TAI product is 100% natural and healthy.

Siriwanich (S&W) Co., Ltd.
109/2 Moo 3, Samorkhae,
A. Muang, Phitsanulok 6500 Thailand
Tel: 66 5526 8038
Fax: 66 5522 3752

Email :

( Brand : “SUKKEE” / Product : VINE HANDICRAFTS )

Producer of a range of top-quality vine handicrafts, whose unique designs have proved popular in international markets.

Established in 1981 by Mr. Salad Sukkee, the leader of Pongsawai Village, which is famous for premium traditional vine handicrafts and vine decorative pottery. Today, Sukkee Handicraft offers a variety of modern designs to meet customers’ needs.

In 1997, the company decided to expand its operations by building a new factory called “Pottery Idea Ltd. Part.” in order to produce a range of top-quality vine handicrafts. The high standards of quality and unique designs saw Sukkee Handicraft’s products being named by the Royal Thai Government as “OTOP Product Champion” in 2003.

The following year, the company added a bigger feather to its cap by winning the Prime Minister’s Export Award for OTOP Export Recognition.

From tiny baskets, garden accessories, lamps, fountains, gifts and decorative items to furniture, Sukkee Handicraft has proved in the international market that genuine Thai handicrafts are second to none in the world.

Sukkee Handicraft Ltd. Part.
12 Moo 3 Pongsawai, A. Muang Ratchaburi 70000 Thailand

Tel: 66 3231 7459
Mobile: 66 81763 8317
Fax: 66 3231 7359



Producer of lead-free and non-hazardous pewterware, under the “Tropical Treasure” brand, which comes in a range of practical and decorative designs.

Founded in 1987, Bangkok Pewter is well-known globally for its premium pewterware. Its lead-free and non-hazardous pewter products are available in both traditional and contemporary designs and are safe to use with food and drinks.

Main products under the “Tropical Treasure” brand by Bangkok Pewter include whisky flasks, wine goblets, beer mugs, water tankards, vases, ashtrays, key chains, clocks, tea containers, show plates and candlesticks, to name a few.

The company has also gained a reputation for its custom-made services for orders of high- quality gifts, trophies and collectibles, all made of pewter.

Bangkok Pewter Co., Ltd.
59 Moo 5, Pathumthani-Ladlumkaew Rd., T. Koobangluang, A. Ladlumkaew, Pathum Thani 12140 Thailand

Tel: 66 2979 5115-6 Fax: 66 2979 5113


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