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  • Thai Trade Center, Los Angeles
  • August 17, 2011

Lanna Classic Design is a wholesale exporter of unique home decor, gift and accessories items made by Thailand’s finest artisans.

“Our products are intricate in design, delicate in workmanship and made locally by skilled craftspeople using only the highest quality materials. Your custom designs and orders are always welcome!,” quoted from Lanna Classic Design

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About Lanna Classic Design:

Lanna Classic Design began business in March of 2001 when Suttida “Tui” Vongvichit, a Bangkok Based Flight Attendant for Northwest Airlines, began buying purses and basket on her travels with her family in the North and Northeast of Thailand and selling them to the gift shops around Bangkok. Business was good and her contacts in the villages grew but she realized what she had to offer was the same as everyone else. In mid 2002 she began producing her own designs which were in much demand by her customers, due to their unique styles and high quality and later that same year started manufacturing other designers custom work.

In 2003, Tui resigned her position at the Airline to devote herself full time to the growing business, expanding the product line from the original Water Hyacinth and Bamboo products into Jute, Palm Leaf and Rattan with Silk arriving in 2004. The year 2003 also saw the Lanna Classic Design name begin traveling to the foreign Trade Shows with 2006 the busiest – 6 shows in five different countries.

Today, Lanna Classic Design is Registered Corporation (NO. 010865701284) in The Kingdom of Thailand, has an in house design team and a network of 14 Villages in Rural Thailand who specialize in the different weaving products. Lanna Classic Design now exports their products worldwide with 2005 seeing destinations of Australia, the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Lanna Classic Design‘s goal is to showcase products that appeal to the global community but are still made by the age old techniques and traditions of Thailand. To give the buyer a feel for the products uniqueness in its own sense of being a hand-made product of the artisan or master-craftsperson involved and promote the economy of the artisans by helping them maintain their traditional skills.

Affiliations and Achievements:
– Member of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
– Department of Export Promotions Intertrader
– Department of Export Promotions Approved Trade Partner
– 2005 – Silk Purses chosen by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Gifts and handed out on their worldwide missions.

Lanna Classic Design Products:
Thailand’s populations in the countryside are masters at utilizing their surrounding raw materials and local art to craft a variety of household and subsistence items essential for their everyday life. Nowadays, this handicraft expertise is being expanded upon to create very beautiful and unique goods popular among Thais and foreigners alike. Woven wares are especially sought after for their beauty, their varieties of design and style possibilities, high quality craftsmanship and of course their durability.


Bamboo Products are primarily made from Sisuk Bamboo which is noted for its straight long tubes. After the bamboo has been collected it is cut to the desired length, and then split before finally being sliced into strips of desired sizes. The more delicate the strip, the more delicate and intricate the final product. Depending on the style and design of product the drying process either consists of utilizing the sun and open air or that of a fire producing much smoke, leaving the strips the desired colors. Color can be attained either from the above smoke method or from dying in a vat of boiling water and pigment. By varying the type of woven pattern and the color of the strips of bamboo, a variety of designs and styles are possible creating truly unique one of a kind handbags of lasting beauty.


Jute is a long, shiny, round tubular plant from the Malvaceae family composed primarily of cellulose material. As a rainy season crop, Jute grows plentifully in warm humid climates throughout Southeast Asia . Harvesting begins about four months after planting with the stalks cut off close to the ground and tied into bundles for transport. Jute, utilized for weaving, is allowed to semi dry before it is run through rollers to flatten out the stalks, producing a flat strand generally 4mm in width. The actual weaving process is much the same as Bamboo; with the acceptation that pre-dyeing is generally not done. Rather, Jute Bags and Purses are mostly “dip” dyed after the weaving has been finished. The abundance of Jute in Thailand means it is an economical alternative to Rattan with nearly unlimited size and weaves possibilities.

Palm Leaf
Palm Leaf Products are crafted from the leaves of the Sugar Palm trees available throughout Thailand . After gathering the leaves they are cut into long strips of the desired size which is dependent on the type of weaving to be done – either a flat or a braided design. Next the strips are washed thoroughly with soap and water and air dried in the sun for 1 – 2 days. Dying of the strips is accomplished by soaking them in a mixture of water and pigments. Prior to the actual weaving process the strips are re-soaked in water for 15 – 30 minutes to soften them and make them more pliable. Palm products tend to be a bit fragile which is why we weave them in conjunction with Bamboo producing an item of beauty with one of strength and durability.


Rattan products are made from the Calamus family of plants found throughout select parts of Southeast Asia . For Basket and Purse quality Rattan the skin of the Rattan is commonly peeled in uniform widths of 3mm or 5mm, mostly referred to as Rattan Peel.This is the most valuable part of the Rattan and accounts for Rattans higher values as opposed to Jute or Bamboo products. After it is split the peel undergoes a semi-bleaching process which results in a light uniform color and then is woven into sheets. From here the Rattan is sent to be dyed in the different colors available and allowed to dry naturally. All of our Rattan purses are cut from these Rattan Sheets, thus the edge seam’s not found on our other woven products. Products made from Rattan are one of the strongest and longest lasting of all woven goods.

Thai Silk

Thai Silk projects the natural blended textures and patterns that is so very Southeast Asian. If you hold a piece of good Thai Silk up to the light, the overall color tone will change depending on the angle of the light. The silkworms (actually moths) are fed mulberry leaves with the silk filaments being anywhere from 500 to 1000 meters long per cocoon. An individual Silk thread is too fine to handle so up to ten cocoons are grouped together in the unraveling to make 1 silk thread. Our 2-Ply refers to a medium weight, very smooth, “Shot Silk” weave where the weft is one color and the warp another, which is what gives this Thai Silk its natural sheen and luster, and makes Thai Silk so unique in terms of color tones and blends. 4-Ply refers to a heavy weave of “Natural Thai Silk” in which the “Slubs” (thick areas) remain, resulting in a unique horizontal textured effect. It is very durable fabric and luxurious in appearance.

Water Hyacinth

Our Water Hyacinth is a handicraft made from the stalk of these freely growing wild aquatic plants. The first step is gathering the wild stalks by hand after which they are left in the open air and sun to dry. Once thoroughly dry they are fumigated to prevent mold and insect damage which makes them very durable and long lasting. Depending on the pattern some of the stalks are dyed in a mixture of boiling water and dried again. The actual weaving process can last from a few hours to more than a day depending on the complexity of the design and size of the project. Some are further varnished for added beauty and protection.

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