Nakhon Beer Visits Thai Trade Center Los Angeles to Discuss Its New Products and Its Expanding in the American Market

  • Thai Trade Center
  • Los Angeles
  • November 19, 2010

LOS ANGELES – Last week, Thai Trade Center Los Angeles welcomed Mr. Sathaporn Nilluang, CEO from Pacific Kingdom Trading LLC for his visited and discussed about Nakhon beer for its new products and the plan to expand in American market and Hispanic market.

In early this month Thai Trade Center cooperate a business cocktail meeting with Mexican Chamber of Commerce. Nakhon beerwas served with Thai food at the event.

Nakhon beer is a quality crafted beer that meets the standard of Asian brewing. It is made from Hom Mali rice thus its flavor is combined a flavor of aromatic jasmine rice.

There is a limited version, LEMONGRASS WHITE which is a crisp silky unfiltered Belgian style white beer, brewed with traditional spices of cuacao, orange peel and coriander and features fresh lemongrass tips into an aromatic jasmine rice.

Thai Trade Center is very pleased to introduce Nakhon beer one of Thai Beers to American market and Hispanic market and encourage consumer to try Thai beers with Thai food for the taste of Thai.

For more information:
Pacific Kingdom Trading LLC
246 N Avenue 25 Los Angeles, CA 90031-1846
Tel. (323) 224-2343, Fax. 323. 222. 0446

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