Thai tastes with a French flavour

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  • July 12, 2017

Danish chef Henrik Yde-Andersen demonstrates a delicious lobster salad and red curry ice cream

THE TRAVELLING can get a little tiring but Danish chef Henrik Yde-Andersen is more than happy to commute between his Michelin-starred Thai restaurant Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen and his second home, Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok.

He recently was in Bangkok to take care of his second venture and also host a “Thai Gastronomic Masterclass” for some 20 members of the media during which he demonstrated how to cook the restaurant’s signature Frozen Red Curry with Lobster Salad and his latest dish, Slow-cooked Beef with Homemade Oyster Sauce.

“Some people say it’s easy to make tom yum soup but it’s equally easy to get it all wrong if you don’t have the right balance. As a foreigner, it’s hard to achieve and I’m still learning about Thai food every day. Thai cooking is so complicated,” Yde-Andersen told his guests.

The chef is out to change diners’ perceptions of Thai food. The familiar tastes are there, but are joined by delightfully peculiar new notions. Red curry is transformed into frozen ice cream, and green curry becomes a frothy mousse. Tom kha (galangal in coconut-milk soup) morphs into a chilled frothy mousse and tom yum seafood comes in jelly with the hot and tangy broth served separately on the side

“It’s about original flavours in a modern way.”

The Dane says he was inspired to create his Frozen Red Curry with Lobster Salad during a visit to Koh Chang in Trat province where he saw a long line of foreigners queuing outside a restaurant every night to try its famous red curry. Yde-Andersen discovered that the chefs had added a little condensed milk to the red curry to give it a creamy texture and he later adapted this for his creation.

Yde-Andersen started his demonstration by stir-frying coconut milk with red curry paste and using a whipping siphon to get a creamy but light texture. He later used liquid nitrogen to freeze it. The frozen red curry was served with sous-vide lobster topped with lychee foam and seasoned lightly with fish sauce before being dressed with slices of onion and coriander… ( Read more: Thai tastes with a French flavour )

Source: The Nation

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