Introducing Baan Vicha Korn Tutorial & Language School

  • Thai Trade Center Los Angeles
  • The Department of Business Development, Thailand's Ministry of Commerce
  • March 20, 2017

Data from the Business Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce reveals that the franchise market totalled US$7 billion (250 billion baht) in 2015. This represents about 9% of Thailand’s total retail business.

According to, Thailand has 516 franchise brands in 2016,
• with food, beverage and ice-cream brands accounting for 45.35% (or 234 brands) of the total,
educational franchises accounting for 17.44% (or 90 brands )
• service franchises accounting for 7.56% (or 39 brands)
• bakery franchises accounting for 6.2% (or 32 brands)
• retail franchises accounting for 6% (or 31 brands)
• beauty franchises accounting for 5.23% (or 27 brands)
• and others accounting for 12.21% (or 63 brands).

In terms of the number of brands, the industry has grown on average 20% each year over the past 10 years.

Now Introducing: Baan Vicha Korn Tutorial & Language School , established since 1996, is certified by the Ministry of Education in Thailand.

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• If you are interested in franchising with Baan Vicha Korn Tutorial & Language School, please send your inquiry to: ‘’, or contact the Department of Business Development, Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce.

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