Thai Actor-turned-designer Top Pipat shows in an e-guide how you too can help save the world

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  • March 20, 2017

March 19, 2017 01:00
Khetsirin Pholdhampalit
The Sunday Nation

‘Mr Eco’ Top Pipat shows in an e-guide how you too can help save the world

THE LATEST effort to help the planet by Thailand’s “Mr Eco” takes the form of a free new e-book full of advice on how to change your daily habits and do less harm to Mother Nature.

Actor-turned-designer Pipat “Top” Apiruktanakorn has spent more than a decade trying to make a difference with his earth-friendly products and to motivate people to change their ways.

He’s just recently closed his Eco Shop Common at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. It too will be taken online – a place to learn about ecology, find the right tools to use and buy the right kind of stuff.

In the meantime there’s “Eco Design Thai Thai”, available right now for free download.

“Public awareness is growing steadily about the need to conserve resources,” says Top, “but a lot of people still just don’t know how to start, so here I’ve compiled what I learned about the green business. I hope it motivates more young designers to build good things for our world.”

Top studied product design at Srinakharinwiroj University before he began acting and hosting TV shows. His master’s-degree research on the latest trends in buying eco-design furniture led him to architect Singh Intrachooto, who makes amazing house wares for the Osisu brand out of stuff usually regarded as junk.

Singh became Top’s thesis adviser, and Top ended up designing a rather neat chair for Osisu called “Need”.

Top says the e-book took about a year to complete. “It’s in Thai and English and explains some topics with infographics and even embedded video clips.”… (Read more: Get some green going)

Source: The Nation

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