Thai Tapioca Outlook Still Bright

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  • June 14, 2013

Published: 13 Jun 2013 at 00.00
Newspaper section: Business

The Thai tapioca industry remains promising, but concern is mounting about a possible short supply of cassava roots caused by volatile weather and smaller plantation areas.

Thai tapioca shipments will likely remain in good shape and the country will retain its title as the world’s largest tapioca exporter, said Preecha Temprom, president of the Thai Tapioca Starch Association.

Thailand’s tapioca shipments are expected to fetch 90 billion baht this year, up from 80 billion in 2012.

Of the total, tapioca flour will account for 50-55 billion baht, while the rest will be in chip and pellet forms.

Tapioca flour shipments are forecast at 3.5 million tonnes in 2013, up from 3.2 million tonnes last year.

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(Source : Bangkok Post / Thai Tapioca Outlook Still Bright )

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