Thai medicines penetrate ASEAN market, generating Bt80 mln revenue

  • Thai Trade Center Los Angeles
  • February 13, 2013

Thai medicines have made headway into the ASEAN market, generating around Bt80 million in revenue last year as pharmaceuticals registered in the ASEAN region.

Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) Director Dr Vithit Attavechakul said Thailand has advanced in manufacturing medicines for chronic diseases which are widely exported to several ASEAN countries, mainly Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam.

Anti-viral drugs for AIDS, anti-diabetic, and anti high-blood pressure drugs are most popular among all medicines.

Dr Vithit said the popularity gained was because consumers were confident of the quality of Thai drugs which are standardised under the GPO and sold both in hospitals and drugstores.

He noted that GPO next week will negotiate with Indonesia’s equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration to register Thai medicines there. There could also be a joint investment for medications manufacturing in Indonesia.

(Source : MCOT online news / Thai medicines penetrate ASEAN market, generating Bt80 mln revenue)

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