Thailand Named the Ninth Best Country for Overseas Retirees

  • Thai Trade Center Los Angeles
  • The Government Public Relations Department, Office of the Prime Minister
  • January 22, 2013

Thailand has recently been named the 9th best country for overseas retirees, where entertainment and affordability are cited as key reasons for spending one’s golden years.

This year’s list focuses on the 22 best retirement destinations based on eight categories including climate, affordability, and ease of integration, as well as real estate, special retirement benefits, entertainment, health care, and retirement infrastructure. Editors at analyzed the feedback they received from correspondents in the places most popular with American and Canadian retirees.

Topping the 2013 list for the fifth straight year was Ecuador, highly regarded not only for its wonderful weather and remarkably inexpensive cost of living, but for the ease with which expats can integrate into life there.

Thailand, a popular destination for tourists – as evidenced by the nearly 22 million who visited the country in 2012 – is also well regarded for its retirement opportunities. The Kingdom scored highly in two important categories: cost of living, with 97/100 rating, and entertainment & amenities, with 96/100 points.

The index also points to the diversity of lifestyle options awaiting retirees in Thailand. Expats can choose between the bustling city life of the capital, Bangkok, and the white-sand beaches and clear blue waters in the South, or the slightly more temperate higher elevations in the North. The report also brought attention to the inexpensive accommodation costs, as condo rentals can be had almost anywhere for just US$ 500 per month.

While earning high marks in many areas, the report did indicate that Thailand looks to improve on special benefits offered to retirees, such as discounts on goods and services or duty-free imports of home furnishing, and the English proficiency of the locals.

Thailand follows Ecuador, Panama, Malaysia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Colombia and Spain. The top 22 retirement destinations also included Malta, Portugal, Nicaragua, Ireland, France, the Philippines, New Zealand, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Belize, and the Dominican Republic.

“Each destination is desirable in its own way, but they all offer something increasingly hard to come by at home – a good quality of life for a reasonable price,” International Living said.

The index is completed through interviews and surveys. The surveyor looked at everything from Internet penetration to the price of a beer, discounts and benefits for retirees. Questions were asked on such issues as how easy is it to stay in touch with the folks back home, is it easy to make friends, what is there to do and is a car necessary.

With 30 years of experience, International Living claims to be the top resource to help people find the best places to retire and live better, for less, around the world.

(Source : Foreign Office, The Government Public Relations Department, Office of the Prime Minister / Thailand Named the Ninth Best Country for Overseas Retirees)

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