Car production this year likely to increase to 2.7 million

  • Thai Trade Center Los Angeles
  • January 4, 2013

BANGKOK, Jan 3 – The number of cars and pickup trucks produced in Thailand this year could increase to 2.7 million from the earlier targetted 2.5 million, according to the Thai Automotive Industry Association (TAIA).

TAIA President Piengjai Kaewsuwan said Thailand’s auto manufacturers are moving ahead with production capacity to meet the demand for 1.25 million cars following orders received by buyers encouraged to purchase their first vehicles using the government’s first car scheme.

The 2.7 million level increased from the previous target of 2.5 million units, set before the first car scheme began, she said.

Some 700,000 workers are needed for the entire supply chain of auto production processes from vehicle manufacturers to spare parts retail stores, according to the Thailand Automotive Institute. About half of them, some 350,000 persons, will be employed in car manufacturing.

However, Ms Piengjai said small and medium-sized enterprises producing spare parts will face a lack of skilled workers who wish to work for bigger companies, or competitor auto manufacturing companies due to better opportunities and remuneration packages.

The TAIA president said the association is encouraging related agencies to produce more qualified skilled workers for the auto industry.

As a result, all auto companies should apply automation systems for car manufacturing processes in order to depend less on human labour.

(Source : MCOT online news / Car production this year likely to increase to 2.7 million)

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