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About Thailand's Food & Beverage Industry
T he food industry is an important contributor to Thailand’s economy and has earned the country the sobriquet “Kitchen of the World.” Thailand is one of the world’s top ten producers and exporters of more about Thai Food Industries

Food & Beverage Exporters

The following Thai companies are interested in doing business in the U.S. For recommended exporters, please go to the DITP Exporter Directory.

Sea Value Plc.

Sea Value Plc. was established in March 2004 by a group of strategic partners who possesses strong historical track records for more than 40 years in tuna and seafood businesses and contributes exceptional knowledge, skills and technical know-how along the tuna and seafood supply chain to the company more info...

industry: Food & Beverage
Joe-Ry Family Co., Ltd. (Brand: Wel B)

Who They Are : A manufacturer and distributor of freeze-dried fruit products. Thses products are manufactured with a freeze-dried process, the most optimal way to preserve the nutrients. They offer a wide range of fruits from well-known tropical fruits like mangos or durians to world-favorite fru more info...

industry: Food & Beverage

Siam Intermagnate Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 as a manufacturer of deep drawn stainless steel products serving medical and healthcare professionals, catering businesses, and food processing industries with brand “MAGNATE”. Now MAGNATE becomes the largest provider of stainless steel hospital uten more info...

industry: Food & Beverage
Siam Food Products Public Company Limited

A GROWING COMPANY AND A GROWING BUSINESS Founded in 1970 to help meet the world’s increasing demand for canned pineapples, Siam Food has made full use of the fertile soil found along the East coast of the country, which is highly suitable for pineapple plantation. The so-called “SRIRACHA” P more info...

industry: Food & Beverage

History Nirvana Foods & Commerce International Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide the best tasting beverages using Thailand’s resources. Implementing GMP and HACCP practices when we first opened our doors, we have been recognized and hold certificates from Moody internat more info...

industry: Food & Beverage
C.K. Industry (2000) Co., Ltd.

Kanchana Organic Mulberry Tea provides the natural taste, aroma and colour, which make it an excellently refreshing and nourishing drink. Kanchana Organic Mulberry Tea has nearly 200 times less caeine than regular tea. Moreover, it does not have Tannin which is a cause of Constipation. more info...

industry: Food & Beverage
Thai Trade Center Chicago Booth# 7632 at NRA Show

Thai Trade Center Chicago under supervision of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) more info...

industry: Food & Beverage
Thai Patana Frozen Co., Ltd (Wang Derm)

With over 25 years of experience, Wang Derm Export Ltd. and Thai Patana Frozen Ltd. aim to be the best manufacturer, exporter and distributor of dried and canned goods, frozen fruits and vegetables in Thailand. more info...

industry: Food & Beverage
Agro-On (Thailand) Co., Ltd

INTRODUCTION: In 1989, Agro-On (Thailand) Co., Ltd. began to provide supreme quality vegetable and fruit products to our loyal and dependable business partners. Since then, Agro-On (Thailand) has become more info...

industry: Food & Beverage

Siam Esteemed Product Co., Ltd. wishes to take this liberty to introduce ourselfves as one of the leading producers and exporters of canned tropical fruit juices, canned coconut juice, canned aloe vera juice, canned tamarind juice, etc. from Thailand for more than 10 years which we offer the most up-to dated ma more info...

industry: Food & Beverage